Thank you for checking out our website! We offer ART and YOGA classes and workshops for all ages and abilities! We are currently set to start our fall classes during the week of Sept 11! Please see our calendar for our schedule! Classes will run all year long. You have the option of enrolling in 1 class or you can save money buy purchasing class packs of up to 12 classes! Don't see a class that fits your schedule? Get 5 people together to create your own class at a time that works for you! Contact us for available times.

Our Goal

It’s all about the vibes! We at ART•stitution believe in the power of positive energy! That’s why we offer programs, workshops and classes designed to let your creativity flourish by exercising your mind, body and soul! Whether you’re releasing tension during our yoga classes or feeling the soothing effects of our painting workshops, we want you to leave here feeling good and ready to spread the love! Each program is uniquely designed to help you find balance and peace. Our studio was created to give people a sanctuary to help them feel free. We promote positive energy and we believe in setting intention for ourselves and helping each other stick to them! We are a support group for happiness!

The POWER of ART and YOGA!

While we are engaging in a creative activity we stimulate the right side of our brain-a side many of us don't always have time to exercise. Just like our bodies though, our creativity need to be strong and balanced. In this world it's easy to become distracted and out of touch with our needs. Yoga is a great way to help us to take a moment and reflect on ourselves. To be in tune with our mind, our body and our intentions without having those distractions of the outside world.